Ether Wallet

Required Knowledge: Solidity, Ethereum

Idea: Coming to the fourth project idea – Ether Wallet. Basically, A wallet that allows you to spend your ethers. In this project, you’ll create a smart contract that is able to receive ethers from other addresses and transfer ethers to other addresses. Smart contracts like this are not especially useful but they are great for learning. This ether wallet project will teach you how to manipulate or update ether in a smart contract. And this is a very important thing to understand because the power of smart contracts lies in their ability to transfer money. You’ll also learn about access control. If we allow everybody to withdraw the ethers then anybody can steal your money. So you’ll probably need to use a required statement in order to do this access control. After doing such basic projects you’ll be able to do advanced projects with much more ease. You can also try to build a Smart wallet after doing this ether wallet project.